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In the Butterfly table tennis catalog 2010 there are 2 pages devoted to Tenergy 05, Tenergy 64 and Tenergy 25.

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The most interesting parts are Jun Mizutani's views on the playing differences of the Tenergy rubbers.  Butterfly research had many professional players tick lots of boxes on how each Tenergy rubber performed for each micro skill without the labels showing.   Jun Mizutani's survey data has been put into circular graphs for each of the butterfly tenergy rubbers (which I don't really have permission to copy here.)  However, I have created an interpretation of a  sortable table.  (I chose 12 as the highest because that's how many milimetres I measured)

Butterfly Tenergy  05

Butterfly Tenergy 05 has the perfect combination of spin and speed.  This ideal ratio makes it the most popular for most table tennis players. Tenergy 05 is for all-round play and is the best of the tenergy series for plays based mostly on spin.

According to Jun Mizutani:  The two best things about Tenergy 05 when compared to the other two Tenergies are it's control and the t05 drop shot.  I am very suprised about this.  Especially Tenergy 05 for drop shots.   But the more I think about it, yea he is right, Tenergy 05 is the slowest of Butterfly Tenergy and that is the same reason why it has the most control.


Butterfly Tenergy 25

Butterfly Tenergy 25 is for fast attacking at or over the table.  According to the Mizutani data graph Tenergy 25 scores perfectly for 3 things; Spin on Service, Flicks, counter attacking close to the table.  Now we all agree about the attacking at the table, and understand how it as a result would include flicking or flipping, since this stroke is offensive, but tenergy being the best at doing spinny serves is news to me. 

Spin Serves with Tenergy 25

The reason I am suprised that Tenergy 25 is the best for spin serves, is that this rubber plays the hardest because the pips are the most dense.  This makes it the hardest for the ball to penetrate and get more surface area from the topsheet, so as to grip and then allow extreme rotation production or let's just say SPIN.  Many have know that Chinese rubbers which are really tacky and tend to be hard, are actually excellent at spin on service possibly for similar reasons.  Tenergy 05  rates very highly for spin on service aswell.  But tenergy 64 is very low.  If we look at all this data we may make an inference that although tenergy 64 has the most speed or power, this is a big trade off for spinny serves. 

Tenergy 25 has the least power of the three Butterfly Tenergy rubbers.

Which brings up a real big question, why Tenergy 25 is said to be faster than tenergy 05.  In my own opinion, tenergy 25 is only fast at driving at the table and much slower for everything else.


John Bozi's picture

I played Ben a week ago and I think our level is pretty much equal still. I know once I use up my Rasant my next rubber of choice will be Tenergy 80 as it looks like an excellent rubber. I plan to review the Tenergy 80 at that point. Has anyone seen a good review of Tenergy 80 yet? A thorough review would be great.

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